Ruth Fielding

Dr Ruth Fielding is a Senior Lecturer at the Monash University and researches multilingualism, language education and identity. Ruth previously worked as a Senior Lecturer in the French program at UTS (2017- 2018) and as Assistant Professor of TESOL and Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Canberra (2014 – 2017) where she was the Program Coordinator for the TESOL and FLT program. Ruth is an active researcher with a focus on multilingualism, bilingual education, language and identity and language learning and teaching. Prior to that Ruth worked for four and a half years as a Lecturer in Languages and TESOL at the University of Sydney in the Faculty of Education and Social Work. She worked in the Faculty of Education and Social Work for a further four years prior to that as a sessional Lecturer and assisted to set up the TESOL research network. Prior to her academic work, Ruth was a school teacher of French and German. Ruth’s research and professional work has focused upon bilingual/multilingual identity, language teacher education, pedagogy and assessment in language learning and teaching, and intercultural approaches in languages education. Her research has appeared in Foreign Language Annals, Language Learning Journal, Language and Education, Babel and in a number of edited volumes. Ruth’s book Multilingualism in the Australian Suburbs is available as an e-book and as a hardback book from Springer.


Ruth is an Executive committee member of the Modern Language Teachers Association of NSW and has served as the Secretary for the national language teaching body AFMLTA. She co-convened the national language teachers’ conference Dialogue Discourse Diversity for AFMLTA in 2009. She was the Project Manager of the Professional Standards Project for Languages in its second phase (2010-2011) which involved materials development for teacher professional learning about Assessment. Since completing her PhD in 2009, Ruth has undertaken a number of projects in various Australian education contexts and  has developed international collaborations with researchers in the UK, Germany, the US and Luxembourg.


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