Amazon plays with AI storytelling

The e-commerce giant's new "Create with Alexa" technology lets kids create their own animated bedtime stories.
November 30, 2022

Amazon is looking to make bedtime a more engaging experience. Its new “Create with Alexa” AI feature lets kids craft original 2D-animated stories that can then be played on Amazon’s interactive Echo Show display. 

To get the storytelling underway, “Alexa” prompts kids ages four to eight to pick a theme, name their characters and give them simple personality traits (like mysterious or silly). The tech uses this framework to create a five-scene animated short with thematic music and sound effects. 

According to Amazon, no two stories will be alike, even if the user chooses the same set of prompts. Kids can also save their stories on Echo Show to watch them again and again. And the company plans to add a feature in the future to let kids share their stories online with friends and family members. All the usual kids security features have been built into “Create with Alexa,” including content filtering, curated prompts and verifiable parental consent. 

Amazon launched the third generation of its Echo Show 10 smart displays last year. The device allows users to make video calls, stream video content and podcasts online, and interact with other smart devices in the home using the Alexa assistant. 


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