Diversity Mission

Kidscreen is a platform for voices in the kids entertainment space. Who we feature at our events and in our publications speaks volumes. It tells our audience, “This person has something of value to say,” which is a short step away from, “This person is valued by the industry.”

Kidscreen is also a connection point that brings together disparate parts of the kids entertainment industry to collaborate and move business forward. And we have a responsibility to promote and facilitate inclusion within that community.

Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement:

At Kidscreen, we think everything we do and everything you do should reflect the global kids audience, which is an incredibly diverse group.

Based on publicly available population data for the countries where there are Kidscreen readers and event attendees, we have set a three-year goal of 42%. By the end of 2023, at least 42% of our event speakers and interviewees will be BIPOC. And we will also ensure that these voices are leveraged on a wide range of topics, not just those related to diversity, inclusion or racism.

It’s important to note that this 42% target is a starting point; we will strive to pass it and then keep going on our mission. We will also revisit our target regularly, ensuring that we reflect our audience as it changes.

This commitment extends to all types of diversity. Kidscreen will work to include all under-represented voices—including those in the LGBTQ+ and disability communities—in an authentic and non-stereotypical way.

We commit to a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination and racism at our events and in our publications and products.

And we commit to exploring new brand initiatives for elevating and supporting members of the BIPOC, LGBTQ+  and disability communities working in the kids entertainment industry.



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